Ulthera® Ultrasound Therapy

Ulthera Ulthera® Ultrasound TherapyOver time, the muscles and tissues in the face can begin to sag. For many people, it is an unwelcome effect, as the altered shape may give the appearance of fatigue, worry, even anger. These subtle changes can grow more pronounced over the years, leading inexorably to diminished confidence and self-esteem. People who come to me for cosmetic facial surgical treatments have a single goal: to reverse this process and regain a more natural-looking and refreshed face.

I offer a diverse suite of options in facial cosmetic treatment, from BOTOX™ injections to cosmetic fillers. One of the newest technologies is already one of the safest: Ulthera® ultrasound therapy. Because this treatment involves no needles, no surgical interventions, and no lasting bruises, Ulthera® has quickly become one of the most popular nonsurgical options in the United States.

Ulthera® is so named because it combines two words – ultrasound and therapy. Anyone who has been around an expecting mother knows that an ultrasound is a gentle technology that employs sound waves to create an image. When calibrated for cosmetic effects in the face and forehead, these same ultrasound waves can target sagging tissue and tighten specific regions with a safe, low energy dose.

A smooth applicator is pressed gently against your skin, and a connected monitor allows me to see your internal structures and make subtle changes as necessary. The procedure takes less than an hour, and the effect is often immediate. The lasting benefit is that your body continues to produce more of its own natural collagen long after you leave my offices: you can expect the full benefit of an Ulthera® treatment to appear in about two to three months, and to last about a year.

If you want to learn more about the safe and effective Ulthera® therapeutic procedure, I urge you to contact my offices today. I am proud to offer state of the art technology and an expert team of technicians.