Chin Surgery – Mentoplasty

Chin Surgery Chin Surgery   MentoplastyMost people do not focus on their chins when they gaze into the mirror, but this subtle detail can change everything about the structure of your face.  A weak or recessed chin can give the overall appearance of shyness or poor posture, and a chin that lacks proportion can throw your entire face out of balance.  For many of my patients, a simple chin surgery procedure, or mentoplasty, can immediately help to refresh their appearance and begin a new trend toward increased confidence and better communication.

Choosing Chin Surgery

Our process begins with a conversation.  I listen to your goals for the procedure and provide photographic models of what you can expect from a chin implant.  I conduct a full examination of the structures of your chin and jaw, and provide some recommendations about some optimal shapes for strength and symmetry.  I also take the time to explain the minimal risks associated with any cosmetic surgery procedure.  When we are ready to move forward, I thoroughly discuss every dimension of what you can expect before, during, and after your mentoplasty.

Mentoplasty – The Procedure

Chin augmentation surgery itself is relatively straightforward.  A tiny incision is made in the natural crease just under the chin, and a pocket is created for your custom implant.  The implants that I use are crafted from the most advanced synthetics available, and they feel indistinguishable from normal tissue.  Fine sutures are used to close the incision, resulting in a scar that is nearly invisible.

After Your Chin Surgery

Immediately after your chin augmentation surgery, a dressing is applied and you will receive some medication for the normal discomfort associated with healing.  Chewing should be limited immediately after this procedure, so it may be helpful for you to find a liquid or soft food diet you favor for a few days.  You may also feel a “tight” sensation, although this typically subsides within a week.  After ten days you can return to your normal activities, and six weeks later you should be completely free of swelling.

Chin surgery is simple, safe, and utterly transformative.  Whether you want to correct a weak chin or combine this procedure with nose surgery for better overall balance, I offer extensive experience and a calm, compassionate approach to every patient.  Please feel free to contact me for more information about cosmetic plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, Century City and throughout the Southland.