Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation Initial ConsultationYour facial cosmetic surgery experience begins with a detailed consultation. This is a conversation in which I listen to your goals, your wishes, and your concerns. I take as much time as necessary to explain every option available, including a comprehensive walkthrough of your specific procedure, recovery and expected results. If necessary, I may also employ cutting-edge software and digital images to better plan your facial plastic surgery procedure.

It is not unusual for clients to feel nervous when they first arrive to discuss their options for cosmetic plastic surgery. I try and provide an environment of warmth and support, free from any sort of critical comments or pressure. Typically I begin with a simple question: “What is it that concerns you?” This consultation is your chance to speak candidly about your fears and aspirations. By the time you leave, my hope is that you feel very good about your options.

I generally encourage a second visit in advance of your procedure as well, just to make sure that you are fully comfortable with the details and understand exactly what to expect. I take the time to answer any followup questions you might have, and to provide resources such as information, literature, and images if desired. I often write advance prescriptions during this visit as well to ensure that your procedure and aftercare go as smoothly as possible.

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