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With the rapid advancement of non-invasive procedures, my patients often come to me looking for a non-surgical eyelift solution. With the strategic placement of Botox and fillers such as Juvederm or Restylane, I can create significant contour improvements of the … Continue reading

Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic Procedures 2014: Less is more What’s trending in 2014 in the field of aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery is a move toward the less invasive procedures with little to zero downtime. Micro and minimal invasive will … Continue reading

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First the real housewives, and now Kathie Lee. Ultherapy was given a valediction on the Today Show last month, as none other than Kathie Lee underwent the procedure on national television. Calling it “uncomfortable, but not painful,” the anchor was … Continue reading

Well, it was only a matter of time. Los Angeles Ultherapy, the cutting edge no-scalpel facelift that has turned into a sensation, has now found its way into the august ranks of D-list reality celebs. Specifically: Jacqueline Laurita, a putative … Continue reading

Many of you know that I have been a pioneer of Ultherapy®, the minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that can jumpstart your natural collagen in a few minutes.  And it seems an increasing number of national media outlets are taking notice.  … Continue reading

I live and work in Los Angeles, the facial cosmetic surgery capital of the world.  Often trends that begin here tend to propagate outward, reaching major cities first, and then slowly permeating everything in between.  Such is the case with the growing trend toward non-surgical cosmetic procedures, or what some people call “minimally invasive cosmetic treatments.”

Several recent news stories have picked up the trend, including this recent post on the Huffington Post.  The piece is one of the few to zero in on the intersection of economics and facial plastic surgery, namely that people tend to choose faster and less expensive procedures when times are tight.  As the article puts it:

study by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery found that a majority of respondents who were affected by the economy were going to delay plastic surgery for one or more years. It is likely that this trend will continue as long as the economic slump does — people think that, with noninvasive treatments, they are getting more “bang” for their buck.

But are they? Continue reading

A number of trend pieces in the media have zeroed in recently on a telling statistic – men and women are getting married far later than they used to.  This means that brides and grooms are working even more actively … Continue reading

As a specialist in Los Angeles cosmetic surgery, I am often asked to explain the pros and cons of different procedures to my clients.  Some of the most common questions these days center around Ulthera® ultrasound therapy, the breakthrough procedure … Continue reading

One of the main concerns I hear from many patients is that facial cosmetic surgery is too involved to fit into their busy lives.  Although cosmetic surgery has grown far safer in recent decades, there is no denying that many … Continue reading