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Is a non-surgical eye and brow lift possible?

The answer is yes. And no.

Yes, because Botox, fillers and now the cutting-edge, radio frequency technology, ThermiRase, can achieve amazing results for patients seeking non or minimally invasive treatments for aging around the eyes and upper portion of the face.  Botox and Dysport have become synonymous with a wrinkle-free forehead and the reduction of crow’s feet around the eyes.  Botox injected into the lateral brow region can create some lift. Strategically placed filler in the temples and around they eyes can create a lifted and more youthful appearance as well.

ThermiRase is quickly becoming on of our practice’s most popular minimally-invasive procedure.  It utilizes radio frequency to ablate the nerves that cause wrinkling in the forehead and can last up to two years.  For our patients who are not ready for a surgical forehead lift and tightening, this has become the go-to procedure.  The results from it have been equated to those of a mini brow lift as the forehead is totally smooth after.  During a minimally invasive ThermiRase procedure, the heat generated by radio-frequency targets specific tissues in the underlying skin, ablating the motor nerve which causes facial wrinkles. This process involves the use of a small probe that generates radio-frequency heat. After mapping out the target muscle and nerves, I will gently insert the radio-frequency probe beneath the skin and use low level energy impulses to purposefully disrupt the wrinkle-causing muscles.  Like Botox, ThermiRase prevents facial muscles from full function, but patients can expect results as astounding as they are beautiful.

No, because for the non-“in-betweener” patients, those who are in the more advanced stages of aging, then a surgical eye or brow lift will be the most successful way to address excess skin and sagging.  Also, everything discussed above is only temporary and results will fade over time. Those seeking a more permanent solution may need to seek a more aggressive and longer lasting surgical procedure.

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How is rhinoplasty cost determined?

When booking a costly surgical procedure such as a rhinoplasty, patients naturally get focused on the price.  It’s impossible not to.  The price is often as high as the physical and emotional cost.  If we break down the “price tag”, we can see what is the surgeon’s fee, and what goes to everything else – fees for the surgical center, nurses, anesthesiologists, etc.  Once the price is decoded, it may start to make more sense.  Nevertheless, patient’s want to know how a rhinoplasty cost is determined.

While the rhinoplasty is one of the most common plastic surgeries in our country for males and females, no two noses are exactly alike.  Many aspects of the surgical process remain relatively the same for many patients such as fees for the operating room, specific needs of the patient will help determine the total price.  This is often determined after an initial consultation.

A warning to prospective patients: Never shop for a procedure based on a price.  Be warned if you are getting quotes over the phone without ever having seen you.  Beware of special offers or “two for one” deals or any sorts of “discounts.”  

Special offers and group discounts might work in some offices for cosmetic/aesthetic non-invasive offers such as Botox or fillers.  But when it comes to surgery, forget it.  You only have one face and one nose.  And, your nose is the centerpiece.  There is a reason rhinoplasties are the number one revision surgery, meaning people have them done again and again.  A lot can go wrong.

Now that you know never to book a procedure for the price and have done the proper research into finding a board certified facial plastic surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasty, your next step is to set up several consultations where you will asses your comfort level with the doctor, ask questions and study before and after photos.  Is it a primary or revision?  How complex is it?  How much time is needed?  Will there be grafting, septoplasty, tubrinoplasty or a host of aesthetic shaping techniques?  Once this is all determined, in person, you will be given an accurate price range for your rhinoplasty, and one that is totally specific to you.

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Are you considering Rhinoplasty?

If you’re considering a rhinoplasty, you are not alone.  More commonly, the nose job, is one of the most popular procedures in Los Angeles.  Rhinoplasties have evolved considerably over the past two decades.

Back in the 80’s we saw sharp, ski slopes, where the goal was to reduce size, width smooth out bumps and if possible, give the tip a slight upward turn.  We have come a long way since.  The procedure is now incredibly nuances with unique, subtle reshaping and can also address the complexities of post-traumatic surgical procedures in a way it never had.

As a surgeon, it’s important that we ask prospective patients some deeper questions about their motivation during our initial meeting.  The questioning often goes as follows:

– Are you looking for an improvement in one area or a more general effect?

– Is there a “nose” you are trying to resemble say that of a certain actress, actor or model?

– What are the specifics of what bothers you and for how long?

– Is your rhinoplasty being planned for cosmetic reasons, or to help you recover from an obstructed airway or an accident?

From here we work together to map out and design the overall look you want.   The goal is to achieve an attractive effect that complements your face, naturally. We investigate the internal structures that will support those changes.  As a board-certified otolaryngology surgeon as well as a cosmetic surgeon, I often spend much time with my patients to explain how the various tissue types will respond and set according to the new contours of your face.

The needs of the patient will define the complexity or simplicity of the procedure.  For example, a deviated septum will typically take less time than a full reconstruction.  You can learn about the recovery process which can take up to several weeks.

The best way to know if you are a good candidate for rhinoplasty is to set up a consultation with Dr. Honrado today.  (310) 286-0043