Face Lift Cost

One of the most expensive elective, cosmetic plastic surgery procedures is the Face Lift.   I have discussed how tempting it may be to look for the “best price” when looking into cosmetic procedure and what a catastrophic mistake this can be.  If ever there was a procedure where the price should never be considered, it is the face lift.  The only thing that should be of concern is what you need to have done, how the surgeon will go about doing it and who is the best surgeon for the job.  People travel across country, and even to other countries, simply because they have found that the best surgeon for them is thousands of miles and miles away.

 What is more serious than your face?

You only have one.  And even the tiniest mistake can mean the difference between a fantastic outcome and one that will need revising.  And revising means more money spent and the potential for more complications.  Once again, this is where you come in.  Doing your homework, researching the best board certified facial plastic surgeon to suit your needs, asking questions and looking at photos should be how you make your decision.  Your comfort level with, and confidence in the surgeon you choose will be invaluable.

How is the price calculated?

There are surgeons in Beverly Hills who charge well out of the national average price range for a face lift.   When it comes to pricing, the region, the surgeon’s experience and qualifications along and the extent of the procedure are firstly factored in.  Next the costs of the facility, hospital, anesthesiologist, nurses, medications, post-op recovery care and more are added in.

There are several types of face lifts and areas of work to be considered.  For example, are you having a standard full face lift, mid face, lower face or mini lift?  Will you be doing your neck, or adding on extra eyelid surgery or a brow lift?  Will you be adding on facial liposuction, peels or lasers?   These will all add to the final price.

Average Prices

According to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery:

Most Expensive Facelift surgery: New England States

Second most expensive: Mountain/Pacific states.

Least expensive were the Middle Atlantic States, north central states, and south central states.

For patients who want a face lift but cannot afford the steep price all at once, there are several incredible financing plans and payment options that can make a face lift affordable.  Do not let the price discourage you.  Invest in your happiness and wellbeing.  Find the best board certified facial plastic surgeon, utilize one of the financing plans that will make the payments comfortable and allow you to heal, stress-free.

Do you want to learn more about financing a face lift? Please call our office today and set up an appointment.  We are happy to help you navigate through our several payment plans.  310.286.0043

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