More Raves for Los Angeles Ultherapy

The cutting-edge facial cosmetic procedure known as Ultherapy®  continues its victory lap through the press.  The latest stop: nationally syndicated talk show America Now, where an on-air presentation of a medical Ultherapy®  treatment inspired oohs and ahhs from the assembled guests.  The segment described the procedure as “The same kind of technology used in baby ultrasounds, helping to deliver a tissue-tightening zap under the surface.”

That’s pretty much right.  Ulthera®  ultrasound therapy works with extremely low-dose energy to prod your body into producing its own natural collagen.  The effects are long-lasting and the drawbacks minimal; this is fast and easy cosmetic enhancement that leaves no lasting scars or discomfort.

I have been at the forefront of the Los Angeles Ultherapy movement since day one, and today my practice continues to garner acclaim for its safe and precise approach to this extraordinary technology.  Want to learn more?  Please contact us today for a free consultation.


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